How To Use A Candle Snuffer

If you’ve never used a candle snuffer before, you might be wondering how it works. Candle snuffers are simple tools that help extinguish candles without blowing them out. This can be helpful if you don’t want to risk blowing wax all over your home or if you’re trying to avoid smoke inhalation.

  • Place the candle snuffer over the top of the candle
  • Gently push down on the snuffer to extinguish the flame
  • Hold the snuffer in place for a few seconds to make sure the flame is extinguished completely
  • Remove the snuffer from the candle

How To Use A Candle Snuffer Set

How Do You Put Out a Candle With a Snuffer?

When you are ready to put out a candle, hold the snuffer upright with the bowl facing the flame. Gently place the bowl over the top of the flame and hold it there until the flame is extinguished. You may need to wiggle the snuffer a bit to make sure all oxygen is cut off from the flame.

What is the Point of a Candle Snuffer?

A candle snuffer is a small, usually metal tool used to extinguish candles by pressing the metal cup against the flame and smothering it. This method of extinguishing candles is preferred over blowing them out because it prevents hot wax from being splattered around the room.

Do Candle Snuffers Stop Smoke?

Yes, candle snuffers stop smoke. When you extinguish a candle, the heat of the flame melts the wax around the wick. This forms a liquid seal that prevents oxygen from reaching the wick.

Without oxygen, the flame can’t continue to burn.

Can You Put a Lid on a Candle Right After Blowing It Out?

Yes, you can put a lid on a candle right after blowing it out. Doing so will help the candle to cool down more quickly and prevent any drafts from extinguishing the flame.

How To Use A Candle Snuffer


How to Use a Candle Wick Dipper

When you light a candle, the heat of the flame melts the wax near the wick. This liquid wax is then drawn up the wick by capillary action. The heat of the flame vaporizes any liquid wax drawn up the wick (turns it into a hot gas) and starts to break down the hydrocarbons into molecules of hydrogen and carbon.

These vaporized molecules are drawn up into the flame, where they react with oxygen from the air to create heat, light, water vapor (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2). The purpose of a candle wick dipper is to extinguish a candle without dripping hot wax on yourself or your surroundings. To use a wick dipper, hold it close to the base of the burning wick and wait for about 10 seconds.

The heat from the flame will melt some of the metal at the end of the dipper, which will then drip onto and around the wick. The molten metal will quickly solidify, forming a seal that cuts off oxygen tothe flame and snuffs it out.


A candle snuffer is a small, cone-shaped tool that is used to extinguish candles. To use a candle snuffer, simply place the cone over the top of the flame and wait for it to go out. You may need to hold the cone in place for a few seconds before the flame extinguished.

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