Best Solar Tube Skylight in 2022

While dealing with everyday problems in your life, you decided to get a new Solar Tube Skylight to make your life easier.

But while selecting the right Solar Tube Skylight for your particular needs, you noticed that you just added a new problem to your life because there are numerous options and you don’t know which one to pick.

If you can relate to the situation above, it’s time for you to relax. Because we did the research for you. We went through thousands of data related to the products and had real-life experiences so we can share our thoughts with you.

Each product we selected is according to quality, brand value, longevity, durability, ease of use, price range, warranty, and user reviews. We didn’t skip any crucial factor that’s related to the product selection process.

The product we compiled and ranked from one to ten are various in size, shape, features, and price. You can pick just the one you find suitable for your expectations.

There are products at an as cheap price as $90 and as expensive as $900. So, you can choose a product that lines your budget.

So, let’s get started!

10 Best Solar Tube Skylight List with Detailed Reviews

Here’s the list we’ve made for making your product selection journey smooth. Let’s go through them and find the best match for you!

Bestseller No. 1
Velux TMR 010 0000 Sun Tunnel, 10" Tubular Skylight w/Rigid Tunnel & Pitched Flashing
  • New Flexi Loc™ system: A tunnel connection system that reduces tunnel installation time in half and highly reflective tunnels that deliver the highest quality daylight into the space below Pivoting tunnel system Pitch flashing for straighter tunnel runs and even light output throughout the day Rigid tunnel is highly reflective and provides brighter, whiter light output in any application Ideal for installations that require longer tunnel lengths Designed to be installed on shingle and othe
SaleBestseller No. 2
Solar LightBlaster for Shingled Sheds (Solar Tube Skylight for shed Applications)
  • Brighten the inside of your shed with natural light using our Solar LightBlaster specifically designed for sheds.
  • It is a solar tube skylight you'll find at a very affordable price.
  • Installation instruction included with purchase.
Bestseller No. 3
Velux TMF 014 0000 Sun Tunnel, 14" Tubular Skylight Acrylic Dome w/Pitched Flashing & Flexible Tunnel
  • Flexible tunnel installs easily around attic obstructions Ideal for helping to diffuse sunlight in shorter tunnel runs Impact dome model available for hurricane prone areas Designed to be installed on shingle and other low profile roofing materials
Bestseller No. 4
14 in. Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylight Acrylic Dome with Low-Profile Flashing and Flexible Tunnel-VELUX-TGF 014 0000
  • Low Profile Flashing for pitched Fiberglass-Asphalt Shingle of Shake type roofs.
  • Installs in as little 2-hours in most applications.
Bestseller No. 5
Natural Light Energy Systems 10-Inch Tubular Skylight
  • Easily Installed, Water tight and is maintenance free.
  • Built-in UV protection prevents fading on clothing, furniture and rugs.
  • Unique condensation release system prevents moisture build-up.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified and NFRC Certified for Energy Efficiency.
  • 25 Year Product Warranty - Best In The Industry!
Bestseller No. 6
Velux TMR 014 0000 Sun Tunnel, 14" Tubular Skylight Acrylic Dome w/Pitched Flashing & Rigid Tunnel
  • Pitched flashing provides optimum angle for gathering light from all roof directions 10" tile flashing kit available. 14" and 22" tile flashings available for the TCR Impact models available for hurricane prone areas 99. 99% silver reflective layer with 20-year tunnel warranty, total reflectance +98%
Bestseller No. 7
Solar LightBlaster for 3.5" ribbed Conex Shipping Containers (tubular skylight) | Solar Tube Skylight | Tubular Skylight powered by the sun
  • Brighten the inside of your container with natural light using our Solar LightBlaster specifically designed for Conex brand containers.
  • It is a solar tube skylight at a very affordable price.
  • Installation instruction included with purchase.
Bestseller No. 8
Solar LightBlaster for Metal-Roofed Sheds (Solar Tube Skylight for shed Applications)
  • Brighten the inside of your shed with natural light using our Solar Metal LightBlaster specifically designed for sheds with metal roofs.
  • It is the best solar tube skylight you'll find at a very affordable price.
  • Installation instructions included with purchase.
Bestseller No. 9
10 Inch Tubular Skylight Kit for Flat Roof
  • Natural Light Tubular 10" Skylight for flat roof applications. Not designed for Metal roof applications. (Pitched angle shingle roof models sold separately.)
  • Made in USA. Highest Quality Materials. NFRC Certified for Energy Efficiency.
  • Powder-coated Aluminum Metal Flat Flashing, 4 feet of tubing included. Domed Prismatic Diffuser. Additional tubing available.
  • Illuminates up to 150 sq. ft. output Equivalent of up to 300 watts.
  • Hurricane tested and approved for Florida code requirements.
Bestseller No. 10
Natural Light Energy Systems 13kxxx 13" Solar Sky Light Kit
  • 13" model lluminates up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Equivalent of up to 500 watts. Domed Prismatic Interior Diffuser.
  • Fits pitched fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof types - comes with 4 feet of tubing.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • 25 Year Product Warranty

How to Choose The Best Solar Tube Skylight- Buying Guide You Shouldn’t Skip

Although you’ve chosen a particular brand after going through our list, there are a few factors we don’t recommend you skip. Here, we will talk about some factors like product quality, brand reputation, durability, longevity, versatility, budget, etc that you should take seriously.

Since you are investing a fair amount of money to get a Solar Tube Skylight for you or your loved one, you don’t want to regret it after a few months of buying it, right?

Luckily, you reading this guide that will help you identify your needs and save your time from doing in-depth research regarding the products.

Brand Record

It’s wise to avoid brands that constantly disappoint users with their products or service. Since there are other options, why compromise an important part like brand reputation? Check the past and present records of your chosen brand before you click the buy button.

Product Quality

Another factor that you should not compromise a bit is product quality. Whether the product is made of good materials, how it performs, how its finish is, etc should be taken into consideration. Most people go after high-quality brands even by spending more money than cheap brands. Because they know that good products require a good budget.

Ease of Use and Maintain

Do you have to pass a hard time while using the product or it’s pretty easy to operate? Ask this yourself before buying the product. Otherwise, the complexity of the product might make your journey unpleasant.

Also, people who are busy with work most of the time will not be happy with products that require high maintenance. So, keep this in your mind too.

Durability and Longevity

These are two of the unavoidable parts of product selection. Highly durable products rarely disappoint users. Most people find comfort in using a product that doesn’t require frequent repairs and last long.

Therefore, be sure that your product will not need to repair or replace just after a few months after making the purchase.


Although some people don’t think about the budget in the first place, it’s a crucial factor when you choose a product. You’ll get countless products and the price range will highly vary. So, it’s normal to get a bit confused about which one to go for.

If you opt for a product that should serve you for a long period, don’t hesitate to widen your budget. But if you want something for medium service that lasts some years, go for a mid-priced one.

And, it’s always best not to let any cheap product fool you because most of them wear and tear soon.

Special Features

Does the model you’re buying have any special features? Know this answer before you pick a model because different models come with different features and specifications and you shouldn’t miss the one that lines with your needs.

User Reviews

Go through the E-commerce site’s user reviews from where you’ll make the purchase. This will let you know about both positive and negative reviews that most users experienced and shared with honesty.

Overall Versatility

A product that’s user-friendly should also be versatile. It should offer you different features to make it fit different functions, styles, and utilities. The brands that we reviewed are versatile enough so you can feel free to pick any of them that matches your needs.

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