Find The Best Wireless Calculator Keypad in 2022

Buying a Wireless Calculator Keypad can bring more comfort to your life, true. But choosing the right Wireless Calculator Keypad from an ocean of different options can make your head spin. To get the right product according to your needs and requirements, it’s a must to do the proper research.

And, guess what?

We decided to save you from doing back-breaking research and come up with the best 10 Wireless Calculator Keypad on the market that offers you countless features so you can pick the right product based on your need.

If you ask how we chose and ranked such a huge number of products, here’s the answer.

Our team collected the most popular branded Wireless Calculator Keypad on the market and tested them respectively. This way, we got some real-life experiences to share with you. Also, we checked different E-commerce sites to go through helpful user reviews.

We take every factor related to the product seriously and try our best to make the information easy to consume for you. Moreover, we will share a comprehensive buying guide that helps you double-consider things that are related to the purchasing procedure.

Let’s dive in!

10 Best Wireless Calculator Keypad- A Detailed Review

Here are our top 10 picks that are selected according to their specialties and uniqueness. We considered factors like durability, longevity, product quality, price range, and brand value while ranking the products.

Bestseller No. 1
Wireless Number Pads, Numeric Keypad Numpad 22 Keys Portable 2.4 GHz Financial Accounting Number Keyboard Extensions 10 Key for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Surface Pro, Notebook
  • 1.22-Keys Number Keypad: Numeric Keyboard supports NumLock, ESC, Tab, Delete etc. With shortcut key which can open the computer calculator directly. The Muli-Function 22 Keys Wireless external number keypad for laptop is more unique than most keyboards.
  • 2. Portable And Easy To Use: Our Number Pad is only 87g. And Numeric Keyboard is work by 2.4GHz wireless technology, Plug and Play. You can just plug the receiver into a USB port . No device drivers needed, no delays and dropouts, fast data transmission. The maximum working range up to 32.8 ft.The Receiver is inserted in the battery compartment of the keyboard
  • 3. Mute And Touch Comfortable: Made of high quality ABS Material which offer great comfortable touch and precise control, good resilience fast response and reduce the press sound. It also has auto sleep function, lower power consumption, reflect energy saving. Press any key to awake up the keypad. Power Supply by 2 x AAA Battery ( not included )
  • 4. Multi-Compatibility: Foloda Wireless numeric pad works with PC, laptop and desktop computers that have Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 systems.
  • 5. Customer Service: Foloda specialized in Home and try our best to offer the better product and customer service.If you have any quesiton, feel free to contact with us.
Bestseller No. 2
Wireless Number Pad, Ergonomic Cute Mini Portable Digital Keyboard, Seaciyan Cordless External Numeric Keypad with Financial Accounting Calculator (Pink)
  • 2-in-1 Multifunctional Keypad: Built-in calculator function, easy to switch, can be used as a numeric keypad or a calculator, no need to take too much items, take only this one
  • Plug and Play: Simply remove a nano USB receiver from the keypad and plug it into a USB port, then put in 1xAAA battery (not included) and enjoy a strong 2.4G wireless connection
  • Long battery life: Kawaii keypad has an automatic sleep design that helps save power and avoid changing batteries frequently, ideal for office
  • Small and Lightweight Size: Weighing only 0.26lbs, it can be taken anywhere, making it a great choice for business travel
  • Comfortable Typing: The body is made of ABS plastic with a fine matte texture, and its floating keys are more elastic, the flexible click gives a mechanical feel
Bestseller No. 3
Sunreed 2 in 1 Wireless Numeric Keypad Calculator Numpad,Bluetooth Keypad with LED Screen,Financial Accounting Number Keypad for Mac/Notebook/Computer(Pink)
  • Calculator Function Key Mode:Press the "Keypad/Calculator"to switch to Calculator mode,an"F"letter will appear in the upper left corner of the keypad screen,now you can start calculate.Under calculator mode,only the keypad screen shows the numbers you press, not shows on the compurter screen.After the calculation is over,press "Send" button to send the calculation results to your computor.
  • Digital input control:only one number will be entered when you press one button for a long time accidentally,ensure the accuracy of digital input.
  • Smart compatible bluetooth device,10 meters effective transmission,compatible with your phone,notebook,laptop etc,also compatible with windows 8,10/Android and Mac OS.
  • X-style Sissor foot structure,make the keypad responsive and resilience is better,feel comfortable and quiet, no "click click click"sound when press it,also makes the Keypad more durable and can withstand up to 12 million times keystrokes.
  • Independent chip, no conflict with the main keyboard of the computer.Smart design and 6 colors available,only 165 grams for you can take it anywhere you'd like to with it.
Bestseller No. 4
Sunreed 2 in 1 Bluetooth Number Pad with Accounting Calculator,19 Key Wireless Numeric Keypad with LCD Screen,Slim Number Pad for Mac PC iOS Android
  • 【2 in 1 Calculator & Keypad】:Long Press Num/Clear about 3-5 seconds to switch between Numeric keypad and calculator function.12 digital LCD Screen,Big Letters,no digital missing. Screen,Big Letters,no digital missing.
  • 【Bluetooth Connectivity】:Bluetooth number pad provides a strong and stable connection within a 30ft range and compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. tivity】:Bluetooth number pad provides a strong and stable connection within a 30ft range and compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.
  • 【Digital input control】:only one number will be entered when you press one button for a long time accidentally,ensure the accuracy of digital input,helps you enter data and numbers efficiently.
  • 【X-style Sissor foot structure】:make the keypad responsive and resilience is better,feel comfortable and quiet, no "click click click"sound when press it,also makes the Keypad more durable and can withstand up to 12 million times keystrokes.
  • 【Built-in Li-lion polymer battery】:Long time stand by up to 60days with charge time only 2hours, no need to change the battery frequently and protect our environment.Battery Charge cable included in the box.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Number Pad,Portable Mini USB 2.4GHz 19-Key Financial Accounting Numeric Keypad Keyboard Extensions for Data Entry in Excel for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Surface pro, Notebook, etc (Wireless Number Pad)
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC AND POWER SAVING: pads on back provide optimum comfort and securely keep the bluetooth numpad in place. It will auto power-saving mode when not in use for 15 minutes, Press any key can awake up the keypad.Power Supply by 1* AAA Battery ( not included )
  • ✔ SIMPLE SETUP: It’s easy to get started—ou just plug the receiver into a USB port and start crunching numbers right away.【The USB Receiver is inserted in the battery compartment of the keyboard 】no drivers required. Keys are easy and silent to press, greatly speed up your productivity!
  • ✔ QUIET SOFT TOUCH: Integrated ergonomic tilt provides added comfort which helps reduce strain, great for those working on spreadsheets, accounting files or financial applications.
  • ✔ USER FRIENDLY: Battery indicator light lets you know when the keypad's AAA battery is running low. Conveniently located direction control keys can be used as joystick control, allowing you to feel the thrill of playing game using a wireless device
  • ✔ Brand Guaranteed:Please contact us if there is any question or problem,our professional customer service team is always here for you.
Bestseller No. 6
USB Numeric Keypad Mini Number Pad 2.4G Wireless Keypad 29 Keys Number Keyboard with LCD Display for Laptop Desktop PC Pro
  • Reliable 2.4G wireless transmission: 10m open distance wireless transmission. Convenient, instant connection.
  • The standard Micro USB cable (charge + data transfer) is connected to the keyboard port and automatically enters the fast charge mode. (Note: Keep the keyboard power switch on)
  • The back is made of non-slip mats to maintain your desktop.
  • Micro USB receiver plug and play without any drivers.The body is made of ABS plastic, with a delicate matte texture process. Feel delicate, comfortable and durable.
  • Simple storage compartment design, eliminating the trouble of receiver loss.
Bestseller No. 7
Lenovo Go Wireless Numeric Keypad - Wireless Connectivity - RF - 2.40 GHz Calculator, TAB, Equal, Esc Hot Key(s) - PC - Scissors Keyswitch - Storm Gray
  • Keyswitch Technology: Scissors
  • Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Keyboard/Keypad Wireless Technology: RF
  • Wireless Operating Frequency: 2.40 GHz
  • Keyboard/Keypad Features: Compact Keyboard
Bestseller No. 8
SMK-Link Bluetooth Calculator Keypad (VP6275)
  • Seamlessly connected to laptop computer
  • Built-in fully functional calculator
  • The most user-friendly 10-key calculator keypad available today
  • Fully compatible with Mac and Windows OS
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for the ultimate wireless experience
Bestseller No. 9
Compact USB keypad with Display Calculator Function, 29 Keys Portable Wireless Number Pad Mini Solar Power Smart Keypad & Office Calculators with LCD Display for Laptop PC Desktop
  • Multifunction USB Keypad- 2-in-1 Numeric Keypad & Calculator with LCD display and USB receiver.
  • Smart Keypad & Office Calculators- Specially designed with PC/CAL key. You can switch and use it as wireless numeric keyboard or calculator freely.
  • Solar Power Numeric Keypad- Solar power (must in the sunlight): no need to load battery when ONLY use it as a calculator. If you use it as a numeric keyboard, you should put in 2 AAA batteries(not included).
  • Portable Wireless Number Pad- Small size. Compact and lightweight.Wide Compatibility: Win xp / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS 10.3.9 and above.
  • 29Keys USB Numeric Keyboard & Calculator- 29 keys design, moderate size: ideal for office. Effectively improve your work efficency.This wireless numeric keyboard with clear LCD display is multifunctional.
Bestseller No. 10
I Focus 2 in 1 Wireless Numeric Keypad with Calculator Function, USB Financial Accounting Numpad Solar Power 29 Keys Number Pad for Laptop Desktop PC Windows XP
  • The wireless usb numeric keypad can use a calculator or the keyboard mode The switch (PC/CAL) between them.
  • And solar keyboard, you don't need the battery, when you use it as a calculator, if you use it as a numeric keypad, you need to install 2 aaa batteries (not including battery)
  • When calculator and computer connection, install batteries, you can click "connect" button to connect to the computer, and then you can press the "send" key calculation results will be sent to the computer.
  • Compact, convenient wireless keyboard backspace Big, full size, soft concave button to improve efficiency. Plug and play.
  • Keyboard digital display is clear, effective distance of 10 meters and 2.4 g frequency operation. 29 key design, the key is suitable for the size of the office.

Which Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Wireless Calculator Keypad?

Yes, there are some factors you shouldn’t missing before purchasing a Wireless Calculator Keypad.

This guide will help you make the final decision easier. We will talk about things like a brand record, product quality, price range, durability, longevity, warranty, policy, and other factors that you must consider instead of simply hitting the buy button.

Even if you might make up your mind about purchasing a Wireless Calculator Keypad already, this comprehensive guide is recommended to take a glance at. It’s because you shouldn’t regret making an investment in a product and have an unpleasant experience just because of the lack of a helpful guide.

Brand Reputation

How positive records does your chosen brand have? Are the users happy with their purchase from the brand? Is there any past history that might make you think twice?

Find the answers to the questions first instead of blindly trusting the brand. The brand we’ve reviewed in the article is trustworthy enough. So, you don’t have to worry about it if you pick one from them. Still, if you ever heard any rumor about one brand of them, it’s wise to double-check.

Size and Weight

Be aware of your needs first. Do you want a large-sized Wireless Calculator Keypad because you won’t have to carry it often? Or, do you want a mini-sized, portable one that’s easy to carry?

It’s crucial to know the answers.

Also, the heavy weight of a product sometimes leads people to have a bitter user experience. I hope you will not be the same. Make sure you’re happy with the product weight because a lightweight Wireless Calculator Keypad is more comfortable.

Product Quality

Since you’re investing a fair amount of money in the product and having faith in the brand, the last thing you’ll want is to have a product that’s poor in quality. So, try to know about the materials used to manufacture the product and be sure that the product is high in quality according to its price.

Durability and Longevity

The durability and longevity of a product relate to each other. Durable products that perform great last longer. So, check how durable materials are used for the manufacturing process.

A durable product tends to damage less often and it will also save money that you would spend on repairing or replacing a damaged product.

Also, get to know the approximate shelf-life of the Wireless Calculator Keypad so, you don’t have over-expectation on the product. Some Wireless Calculator Keypad last for decades while some may last a few months. It depends on the used material and whether you use the product in the right way.


Set your expectations from the product according to your budget. You can’t expect a Wireless Calculator Keypad to last for a lifetime by spending only $80 on it. Instead, know your needs and set a fair budget for the product.

If you want a Wireless Calculator Keypad that’s okay-ish and does its job somehow, go for a mid-priced one. But if your expectation is so high that you want the product to be in good health for years, you should have a wide budget.

User Reviews

Last but not least, don’t skip user ratings and reviews. In most cases, people share their real-life experiences with products. You can get to know about the true benefits and drawbacks of the products. Also, this ‘check-out’ may prevent you from using the product in the wrong way because users share simple tips and tricks to use the product in the right (and simple) way.

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